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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vintage Hawaii - RM40 (TE091) *SOLD*

..Vintage Hawaii T-Shirt..
..Single Stich, Xda tulang tepi, kain 100 lama..

Tag : Stedman
Size : L
Made In : USA
Fabric : 100% Cotton (kain 100 lama)
Measurement : Lebar (pit) 21.2, Labuh 28.7
Condition : 7/10
Price : RM40 (Include postage)
Stock : SOLD

Info : The Stedman company emerged in the 70s and would go on to have various blank line-extensions that featured detailing. "Sport-T" for example typically had a V-neck and sometimes ringer or line detailing along the shoulders. By the mid 1980s the Stedman standard blank became the tee of choice for the skateboard industry before until they began manufacturing their own t-shirts. In the mid 1990s the company was purchased by Hanes and eventually the Stedman branding vanished entirely beyond 2000.

Link : www.defunkd.com/stedman

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