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Monday, April 11, 2011

Evisu Pant - RM130 (PS011) *SOLD*

..Evisu Pant..
..Seluar Evisu pattern slack (100% Cotton)..
..Lambang Evisu Sulam kat poket..
..Seluar kaler hitam ala-ala Super Black..

Size : 34 (31inci)
Tag : Evisu
Kain : 100% Coton
Made In : ?? (tak de tulis made in mana)
Measurement : Waist 31, Lenght 40.5, Thigh 25, Cuff 17
Condition : 8/10
Price : RM130
Stock : SOLD

Info : Evisu or Evisu Genes is a Japanese designer clothing company that specializes in producing premium denim wear through traditional, labor-intensive methods. The brand was formally founded in 1991 in Osaka, Japan, by Hidehiko Yamane, although the research and planning necessary to reproduce the perfect pair of vintage jeans had been going on for several years prior to this. Yamane was trained as a tailor, but his love for vintage jeans and his disappointment with the mass-produced modern versions led him first to the vintage clothing export business, and then to putting together the elements required to reproduce vintage-style jeans. This required the gathering of various bits of machinery, none of which had been produced for the last 40 years.

Link : www.evisu.com

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